Monday, January 10, 2011

Investment Planning for Children Educations

Salam..ingat lg tak hari tu aku cite pasal 'Investment Planning for Children Education'?? Aku ade btau pasal nak upload slide yg aku da buat tu kan..kalau tak ingat ni dia click here sat yekk..aku upload kat sini..b4 tu meh aku cite sikit ape yg our group member kene buat exactly...kiteorg kene advice parents which kind of investment planning yg should be adopt by them..Basically ape yg kite org buat just find out several types of child education we came out with prudential plan, sspn, amanah saham didik and safecare trust..which are comprises of insurance product, saving product, unit trust and trust account..

haa..unit trust dgn trust account tak same lets see wut our group have done actually..

so enjoy... :D

 ni jek slides yg dpt di postkan..hope it is beneficial to all of u :D


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