Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Resolutions

Hi everybody!!!!

This is my new post for my new what yours resolution for this year??? hurmmm..for me..i wish that i could be consistently managed to post a lot of entry in this new blog..hopefully will not miss to do it at least once a week..

now..let me start my story....

Today..1/1/11 what have i done today..let see whether i have make used my time properly or not..

6.00am woke up for subuh prayer
6.30am read novel "Ruang Rindu" by Rozita Abdul Wahab
8.00am iron my baju kurung for wedding (Lan da typewriter and mala)
8.30am had my bath and prepared breakfast (cappuccino shake) yummy!!
9.00am got group discussion (cool year pun bleh buat discussion)
12.30pm get ready for wedding..(first time weyhh p wedding artist.. ;P)
3.30pm arrived uia..(start writing in my new blog..)
5.30pm watch my favourite movie (of course la korea movie)


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