Monday, January 3, 2011

Owhhhhh help me!!!

Salam, are u today??? me??? not in a good condition..huhu..yesterday i have discussion from 10am  until tired my "otak"..also i didn't even have my can u imagine how stressful am i?? i only managed to eat at 1030pm "quater ponder" bought by kak uul..after that i got headache..cannot sleep as well..may be i am soooo tired..then i take active fast..managed to sleep about 3hours because i am sweating..dunno why..usually i dun use fan in the night..but yesterday my fan speed was 4 mean the coolest one...

Today, i have class in the need to wake up early..after class went to collect my food that i order from one of Indonesian student here.then i went back to hostel..and continue my discussion about the "investment planing for children education"..

Moreover im fasting today..huhu..(tak sabar nak buke puasa makan nasik dgn sambal istighfar) ..

okayy..bye..sambung buat slide presentation...


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