Sunday, January 2, 2011

Today's activities


How do u do today???

What i have done today..hurmmm..basically today i woke a bit late for subuh prayer..huhuh..telajak seyhh..
Then i slept for a while ( konon2 jekk..kunci jam bgn pkl 8.30am tap telajak smp 9.00am). Today we still have discussion for our presentation this coming wednesday..

Actually..kite org kene buat presentation pasal "Investment Planning for Children Education"- what startegies should we adopt?? Hurmm...menarik tak tajuk dia..menarikkan?? So pada kawam2 yg dah ade anak boley la start plan pasal korang punye child education investment..tak rugi weyhh..later when i have done all the info..i 'll post it here in this blog.. wokeyhh...

See u then..bye..


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